Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Do Da Stanky Leegggg...

Guess what? It's the new year! Which happens to be my second favorite holiday time after July 4th. I kind of like to go all out for New Years. And by "going all out" I mean basically that, I danced shamelessly around my aunts house while everyone stood around awkwardly and watched. Along with that embarrassing display of pure joy, I continued to make a fool of myself during and after The Winter Classic (the Capitals won!) by pulling my elastic waistband sweats up to my belly button and doing many unmentionable dance moves...*cough*stankyleg*cough* Needless to say, my New Years rocked.

Now to the serious stuff. Resolutions? No thanks. I mean what is that anyways? When someone says "resolution" to me, I think of pulling out the dusty treadmill and putting it smack dab in the middle of the living room like a giant reminder of your inadequacy. I think of eating 10 stalks of celery whilst repeating over and over in a chanting fashion "this tastes like chocolate, I'm at the beach, this tastes like chocolate, I'm at the beach." I personally don't think that is any way to live your life. Why go in to a fresh new year feeling like a failure? Because let's be honest here, after you polish off that 10th stalk you're going to eat a snickers. And you're probably going to cry.

SOOOO, let's do this the right way this year. Let's make a resolution to make the most of life. To enjoy every minute that we have been given, to volunteer more, to eat fantastic food, to try new things, to better yourself emotionally and mentally. Not just physically! Because looks fade. FAST. So you might as well just look the way you were made to look instead of wasting hours and hours obsessing over your "ideal" view your whole life, so in 15 years were not all shocked and disappointed by your terrible appearance. This way we will be used to it. (And I am NOT saying you shouldn't be healthy. Please don't let yourself go either, I'm just saying don't worry about it so much)

With that said, here are my new and improved life changes: I have decided to not eat red meat this entire year. If I like it and how I'm feeling after a year, I'm going to cut out meat entirely. It's going to be a challenge but I'm so excited. Along with that, I've decided to go out of my comfort zone to try to be more confident and happy with myself as a whole. I want to be the best version of myself possible. I am ready for change! This is why I love the new year!

Woo! I feel invigorated after writing that. I hope you feel invigorated after reading it!


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