Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pretty Blue Coat Photo Session

So I developed the bright idea that I wanted a blue pea coat. And by blue I mean BLUE. So I drag my poor unsuspecting friend Brady to the nearest mall, which happens to be the largest mall in Oklahoma, three days after Christmas. One of my best ideas? no.

So five hours, 2 Pepsis, 10cents (long story), and a drug deal (also a long story) later I laid eyes on my beautiful prize. Witness the magic:

The quality of these pictures kind of deteriorates as you scroll down. I'm not really the best model and five hours of battling(I throw a painful right elbow) holiday shoppers can lead to a small amount of hysteria. Don't hold it against me.

 I had a magnificent and successful Christmas and I hope you did too. I'm going to go wear my coat now.


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