Friday, November 26, 2010

Where'd all the good people go?

Lately I've been thinking... Imagine that. What I've come up with is that I have a problem. Ha, I know a lot of you having been thinking that for years, but this is like a big deal.

I am a hopeless un-romantic.

Let me explain. I haven't had a date, like a real date since Moses knows when. It's not that I'm unfortunately terrible looking ( I would have to say that I am quite foxy, but that's just a personal opinion.), and it's not that I am terribly awkward. Okay-I am awkward, but not in a bad way, and it's not that I can't talk to men. I am happy to say that I talk to a boy in my bible class every TTh morning and it doesn't make me want to stab my eyes out. So what is my problem you ask?(besides the obvious one stated above.)

I have no freaking idea.

The thought of flowers makes me roll my eyes, and chocolates don't help my diet any. I would giggle at a poem or song, and by giggle I mean laugh. And if the L-word is uttered, I would probably be speechless. Then most likely run away. I see right through all the lines, all the number exchanging. I just don't see any of that as worth the trouble, when it doesn't last.

BUT! to counter all of the doom and gloom you just read, I love fairy tails, stories with a happy ending. I LIVE absolutely LIVE for on-screen kisses. I want to be loved and cherished and valued. I want to have kids and a dog and a backyard. I want to live. Do you see my problem here?

Also, you might think that I feel this way because I lack confidence and that might be true. But I think that it's worse than that. I have talked to guys and I just don't like them, I don't feel like they are worth the hassle.

So, here is the conclusion. If you didn't follow that, I think this will help. I want to be charmed. I want to fall head over heels in love. I want a guy to be creative and spontaneous and most of all, honest. I want them to do everything they can to make me believe that love lasts. That it's real. So this goes to you, future man: You have got a long crazy road ahead of you. And if this scares you off, well I guess you're just a pansy. But to that one who sticks it out, I promise I'm worth it.


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