Thursday, November 4, 2010

I have friends:)

When I first got to college I pretty much panicked on a hourly basis. I mean like serious breakdowns. I hadn't made new friends since I was in 8th grade, and even then I was in a class of somewhere around 17 kids. So it wasn't terribly hard. But this is college! Aren't you supposed to meet your bridesmaids in college? Like your life long friends?! BAH!!! That's scary, but completely true. I actually didn't have any friends until I made cheer. Cheer saved me. I know this is a silly post, but I am so so excited that God has blessed me with all of these girls! Soo... here are some glimpses of my new favorite duplicates' first hockey game with me and Kelsey.

I just thought I would give you guys a little joy:) I can honestly say that these girls will be in my wedding some day. I can feel it. These are those kinds of friends you know? 

So anyways, we had the most fantastic time watching UCO. Carly and Caitlin hit the glass and made awkward eye contact with the guys getting hit and I was completely embarrassed as usual. The tall kids always seem to gang up on the short one. What is it with me and tall friends anyways? Strange. These are my tall friends and I love them, even though they make me do awkward things. 

Sorry for getting so emotional. I guess I do have a soul!

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  1. This is adorable. i am so glad that you are cheering this year. I just love your precious soul.